Wednesday, December 07, 2016

when you really need to dance... resources for doing ballet class/fitness at home

The holidays are coming up, which means that a lot of ballet classes are sadly not happening. Where can I still get my fix? For those occasions, I like to do ballet classes or workouts at home.
This is me doing a ballet class in the fitness centre of a hotel.
Since several people asked me about it, here is an overview of resources I really like for that:

  • Lazy Dancer tips is a youtube channel with a lot of nice workouts, including this ballet barre for fitness and some 5-minute-beach-abs workouts. Good for dancers but also suitable for non-dancers
  • For $15 you can buy a download of the barre and the centre this class by Kat Wildish, a ballet teacher from New York City specialising in adults. Her style is very easy to follow and focuses a lot on correct placement.
  • Another youtube channel is Kathryn Morgan, who has some good workouts such as a pointe barre workout and a workout to strengthen your feet. She also holds online ballet classes, of which I really like the free stretch and strength class
  • If you would like to improve your core and your form, floor barre is excellent. Yumiko sells a wonderful DVD
  • On youtube, you can also easily dance along with Pacific northwest ballet school's Balanchine-style class
  • Another DVD that I like a lot is one with Andrey Klemm, which is quite easy to follow, a good workout, and gorgeous dancers
  • If you would like to improve your turns, then Finis Jhung has some good DVDs, although those are pretty pricy. I like the intermediate-advanced turning class, which unfortunately is no longer available
And of course, sometimes the most fun thing to do is just to put on some music that moves you and dance! 
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