Sunday, September 24, 2006

dare to dream!

Lately I've been thinking a lot about dreams in all kinds of
contexts. The most literal one is that I've been reading this book by
Stephen LaBerge about lucid dreaming, a very interesting technique to
explore your consciousness and gain awareness over what happens during
sleep. In less literal contexts, dreaming refers to your aspirations
and goals in your life. In fact I believe that those are the most
important for all of us if we want to go beyond our ordinary,
day-to-day events. It can be extremely helpful to figure out what the
goals of your life are such that you will be able to set priorities,
since we live in such a complex and busy world. In order to figure out
our aspirations, it often helps to dream of how we would want to live
our lives, if everything were possible (this was also suggested in a
recent exercise in Karen
's eZine ). This allows you to go beyond your limitations
and imagine something bigger. The amazing thing is then then when you
make the aspirations, they will actually often materialize often in
unexpected ways. In a book I read years ago by Marion Bradley ("the
Mists of Avalon"), the magician Merlin said: be careful with what you
wish, because it will be given to you.

And after all, how can you follow a path, when you have no idea what
the path is? I believe that one of the highest priorities in life is
finding what the path is and then following it with every bit of
determination you have.

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